Preparing a top prospect requires excellent agility.


Our Mission:

It is the mission of Top Prospect Training Facility (TPTF) to empower individuals and athletes beginning at age 6 to excel in education and sports through a motivational drive to learn, work hard and to endure.

TPTF's main goal is to increase the potential of athletes in 5 dimensions of training.  We start with assessments and intake data so we can help each athlete work on his or her technique. We then take this information and buid upon the Athlete's running, conditioning, strength force and agility.

Why we do it: 

Our owner Dwight Davenport, has been a trainer for more than 20 years and it is his belief that with his knowledge and abilities that we could help any student athlete.

Our Story: 

Top Prospect Training Facility began as The Hitting Zone, where we focused on baseball and only a few other sports, but we discovered there was a greater need and we had the aility to expand our facility's offerings to meet that need, so we began to offer training for all sports and all sports teams.

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Top Prospect Training Facility


Hard work makes a TOP PROSPECT!

All students athelets can train at our facility year round.





Top Prospect Training Facility 

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To support our student athletes, Top Prospect Training Facility host a variety of fundraisers.

photo above: 1st Place Car Show Winner

July 8, 2017

Fall Baseball  (Classes 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022)

Do you have a student interested in playing baseball this fall.  Call us.

Speed training

It takes passion and hard work  to increase your speed by 1 second.



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